This tutorial is presenting some information about rendering process in Maya project.

The rendering actually shows you about your talent and skill at final stage. The simple rendering set up is already integrated in Maya while you can use some advanced rendering application for specific complex scene. The rendering of scene could be realistic and outstanding because of some necessary setting. As you know the first and foremost thing for best rendering is lighting and shading. In previous tutorials you have learn about simple modeling as well as texturing, this is next stage in your learning series. When you model anything, it automatically adopts default color setting.

The simple rendering may contain some errors so mostly you are suggested to use advanced application of rendering. The rendering may take enough time for perfect rendering, so don’t irritate of time consumption. Otherwise there are various software applications which allow you better result with less time consumption. But these applications can be used only in this case if you are well award of its uses. The same is being discussed in this video.