In this video you will learn how to create your first model. It is a simple, single door, created with a single poly cube.

Follow the steps of video tutorial and start your first model within Maya. It is said in Chinese “A journey of hundred thousand miles begins with a single step”. Modeling with Maya is an interesting job. Although if you choose the modeling with Maya as your life career, you can earn thousand dollars if your job’s nature is matching the market, Such as video game industry, cartoons industry, film or TV industry etc, but the most sophisticated way is the Civil engineering field.

Civil Engineering

It is not necessary that you have a degree in Civil engineering or architectural designing, because you are going to model buildings exteriors and interiors and I hope you know the worth of construction filed as a life career. Actually it depends upon your time and eagerness that what you get from Modeling with Maya.

Maybe you are already at good post and you are just enjoying 3D graphics and animation. Whatsoever you are doing just try to make an image in your mind of models that are your tasks. Modeling with Maya has 3 different ways, Polygon Modeling, NURBS Modeling, and Subdivision Modeling. The Maya’s entire features need to put accurate values, without them if you will try to model an angel, ultimately you will model a Monster.