Maya 2013 video Tutorial – Modeling Strawberry and easy texturing. This video tutorial will show you how to basically model and texture a strawberry. This video tutorial is for almost every level.



I actually need a few help ive been having a problem in Maya its that whenever I make a polygon it doesn’t mechanically spawn at the pivot point so, I have to scale the object on my own without it appearing automatically on the pivot point, so that’s my first problem and my second problem is that every the polygon icons suddenly disappeared and all it displays now is a bunch of word like for example a cube it doesn’t actually show the cube icon every it does it shows the word cube… I really require help.


For the first issue. It’s not actually a problem, but a feature. Under make polygon primitives, look every the way down and uncheck where it says “interactive creation”. I am not sure what you mean for second problem. Do you mean the icons under make polygon primitives menu? Because I don’t think it displays icons at every one.