This video tutorial is part 2 of Modeling a Robot and Rendering Using V-Ray. We have completed rough shape of the legs of our robotic model. We have used poly primitives for creating our robot’s body part in previous tutorial. We continue using poly primitives in this video also. Now, we will create feet for robot’s legs. We will use poly cylinder for making rough shape of foot.

For this tutorial we have docked the poly primitives in Shelf. So, just click on poly cylinder in Shelf. We will Scale and Extrude the cylinder for making shape of foot. Here we will use a trick for selecting faces of cylinder. We have to select upper faces of cylinder. So, just go to vertices mode and click center vertices from the tope center and Right Click and select To Faces and again To Faces. You will see all top Faces will be selected.


Now, we have all top faces are selected. We will use extrude tool for making some details in cylinder. When you satisfied just finish extruding. When we extrude some objects in Maya this causes rough edges. So, for getting smooth edges we will use Bevel tool with offset of 0.2 in attribute editor. Now, according to our reference image we have to create foot fingers. We will use poly cube and we will continue making details of foot area. When finish we will arrange and group all leg’s parts. At the end of this tutorial we will complete robot model with four legs and some extra detail and into next part we will texture and render our model using V-Ray.