Maya users are very affectionate of modeling robotic models. We have included a lot of robotic modeling tutorials in our website. But this tutorial has a best thing that after modeling our teacher will teach you how to use best material for texturing a robot that it looks like real robot. And then he will move to rendering process and he will teach you how to use v-ray rendering process for realistic rendering.

This is first part of this robot modeling tutorials. This tutorial is split in three parts. This part will start with a poly sphere. We will start modeling our robot from scratch. Best thing is that we are using Maya 2012 for this robot modeling and we will introduce you new feature of Maya for modeling and rendering process.


Tutorials starts with a poly sphere which will be base of our model. After that we will convert it into low poly and we will start creating details of our robot model. We will use a final render image of this robot for reference. You will see again and again during modeling and will create more details. We will use extrude tools for creating a crease in our robot. This crease will separate the head of robot. After that will create robot’s mouth using standard pipe in poly menu. We will model robot’s legs using standard poly cube. We will make rough shape of robot’s leg by scaling the cube in different angles.