This project is consisted on modeling Mini Cooper car with NURBS modeling in Maya. In other words this is a mechanical modeling project. Maya has variety of tools which can be used for industry standard mechanical modeling.

NURBS is a short form for Non-Uniform Rational B-Splines. NURBS modeling is stand on mathematics that is more complex than the mathematics for polygons. For the reason that NURBS modeling needs extra processing, this technique is usually utilize for applications that rendering is completed in advance, such as animation for movies or for animated films.

mini coper

You Will Learn Great Techniques

Throughout the project you will learn great techniques in very simple way for modeling a NURBS Car in Maya. We chose a Mini Car image references for this Modeling project. This is an old model car as you have seen one in Mr. Bean’s comedy films often. Throughout the project you will see a sequence of techniques and you won’t find any other 3d modeling feature like Polygons or Subdivisions except NURBs Modeling.

You will model almost a complete car in different parts. From part first where you will set up image references to part 14 where you will model NURBS tire for Mini car, you will model different parts of car. Although we have covered almost all of the parts of the body of a Mini Cooper but there are still many parts like engine, staring, seats, door handles etc that are not covered in this project. We left them for next project of a latest model car like BMW which you maybe find on this website.