Infrequently, the pathway a thing takes in 3D space is mimicked by the curves it creates in the Graph Editor. In these cases, you can rapidly shift keys approximately to generate the accurate animation you want. For instance, a characteristic ball spring back is shortened with no trouble. The Translate Y curve, when viewed in the Graph Editor, looks precisely like a vigorous ball pathway. With such an animation, you can make “overcooked,” “muggy,” or “deceased heaviness” bounces by touching or scaling keys.

If you’d similar to to observe the pathway a thing is itinerant over in a workplace vision, control to the Animation bill of fare put, decide Animate > Make Motion Trail > ❒, control Draw Style to Line, and click Make Motion Trail. Border numbers and a line are laid across the motion path. When working in the Graph Editor, you can shift or weighing machine chosen keys just if the Move tool or Scale tool has been chosen in Maya’s Toolbox. If the tools stay put unselected, the projectile will turn out to be a circle and no input will move.

In adding together, the Move Nearest Picked Key Tool button has to be clicked in the Graph Editor. If you’d similar to to move keys left or right the length of the Timeline with no altering their principles, MMB drag while investment down the Shift key in the Graph Editor. If you’d similar to to move a solitary key to a exact border number or a exact value, enter the number or worth into the Stats fields at the pinnacle left of the Graph Editor. (The left field is the border number and right field is the solution value.)

Mimicking Movement with Curves