This Dynamic free 3d modeling and 3d animation program training class’ lesson is for the beginners and learners of 3d modeling course and 3d animation course in 3d modeling animation software Autodesk Maya.

Particle Explosion is also a type of 3d animation pertaining to the specific physical motion of 3d object, as you know that dynamic in real world belongs to the motion of objects under the action(s) of some force(s) so in 3d animation computer graphic world this point has also been kept in mind and when you use 3d Maya Dynamics then you also get many attributes of 3d which can be modified and edited by 3d modeler or 3d animator to create many changes in dynamical visual effects such as velocity, mass, impulse, gravity, friction belonging to all three axes.


Here in this lesson you will learn how to make 3d animation of 3d wall explosion in 3d animation modeling software using Dynamic 3d modeling animation effects.


    1. First of all create plane from NURBS primitives and then create wall using Polygon primitives. You can texture the polygon cube using assign new material options and create a realistic 3d model of wall. For details of texturing watch our other 3d tutorials.
    2. For creating explosion you need to create an Emitter from particles menu and then attach three fields; Gravity field, Radial field and Turbulence field.
    3. What have to do is create emitter at the frame when you want your wall to explode, then change the particle type and make setting that when explosion occur the wall area from of explosion disappears as the emitter starts emitting particles.

For details watch this video and practice it with your own 3d model and watch this video and then next that how to change the emitting particles into pieces of wall.