In this tutorial we shall show you about advanced rendering.

The advanced rendering deals with some complex kind of rendering to meet the requirement of scene. The mental ray is the best choice for perfect rendering in this matter. Mental ray and V-ray is two advanced and sophisticated rendering engine for rendering of your scene. The scene sometimes requires to maintain Global Illumination and Radio city of your scene.


So in this case these rendering engine are chosen for complex type of rendering. So this tutorial describes about this rendering engines. Advanced rendering enables the users to understand the difficulties of the project while performing or improving the scene. Therefore we shall try our best to teach you will complete details.


If you are average user of Maya, then you will definitely familiar with simple rendering. It only describes home feature of rendering with limited aspects. But advanced rendering is much different and apart from simple traditional rendering process. Rendering allows you to customize the scene and improve the quality of image. Here you can get benefit to personalize the image and modify its shape at your own choice. You can assign material, texture and color to the model of your taste. The advanced rendering provides you opportunity to hide the weak points and cover up with alternative sources.