In this free video tutorial you will learn how to model NURBS Car headlights in Maya. After this tutorial you will be able to model different type of headlights, search lights and indicators for any type of vehicle with NURBS modeling in Maya. The car model is designed here with reference image technique. Then there are used NURBs primitives to make different parts of the car model. There are two ways for creating modeling, either with polygonal primitives or NURBs primitive.

Here is the car model is being created with NURBs primitives. The car modeling process is too lengthy and complex to understand; therefore it is split into parts. This video tutorial is the part 11 of NURBS Car modeling project with NURBS in Maya. In this tutorial you can learn modeling NURBS headlights in Maya for vehicles.

In this tutorial you will learn using simple techniques for complicated tasks. You will simply model single headlights with NURBS primitive sphere and you will duplicate it on opposite side for second light. Vehicles headlights have covers surrounding them, you will create a cover using loft command but you will have to create curves from NURBs primitive sphere first. The video tutorial link is given in the end of this tutorial so that you may view the concept more easily.


  • Create a NURBS circle and then scale it to the size of the head light then move it on the head light area select the circle and then shift select the surface of car and click on the Project option in Edit NURBS menu.
  • Then delete the central circle area or use the trim tool.
  • Go to create menu and in the NURBS primitives select the NURBS sphere open the channel box press ‘ctrl + A’ once for opening channel box and the rotate this sphere at 90 degree on rotate-z.
  • Then scale it to the size of the headlight right click on object go to the isopalm level and then select the central isopalm go to Edit NURBS and click on Detach tool, this will divide you sphere in to two parts select the back one and hit delete on keyboard to delete it.
  • Move it to the right place of head light you have made.
  • You can further make it more realistic by cover it with the vertices of the panel of car.
  • Then duplicate this light for other area by pressing ctrl +d or you can mirror it as well.
  • Apply texture to you light model.

For details watch this free tutorial video lesson now.