Dear user we are going to include a new video tutorial on Architectural Modeling. Every Autodesk Maya user is very fond of architectural modeling. Every step in modeling process has new aspects of joy.

This tutorial is a project of constructing an imaginary enormous temple. We use Poly Meshes and primitives for construction of our temple. We will create simple shapes first and then we will give more details to our project. We will model a doom first and then we will go in details. For starting our project we will use Poly Sphere.

Now we will cut the sphere from the center so it looks like a doom. For doing this job select the sphere and go to Edges mode. Then go to Front View panel our as you use to with. Select half of sphere’s edges and press dell button on keyboard. Now, you have a shape of doom. Go back to selection mode so that we will precede next steps. We will add more details to our doom. Go to shelve and click on Pipe poly mesh and drag a pipe around the doom. We will use same technique for cutting the pipe into half which we have used on sphere.

When you we will satisfied with detail of pipe we duplicate it and will try to fit duplicate copy of pipe by rotating on x axis. After we will select all objects and scale it in Y-axis. Now, we will add a base to doom by creating a Torus and fitting it around bottom area of doom using scale and rotate tool.