You are here in the screen printing tutorials part 2. Here we are teaching you the screen printing concept in parts. You will find almost all the necessary concepts in tutorials form. In the first part you are informed about some basic tools using in screen printing process. Although we are working in screen printing workshop therefore we are introducing you about the tools that are using in workshop.

Some of them are unfamiliar to many of you but don’t worry you will learn about them also after these introductory tutorials. There are some basic tools of screen printing i.e. A squeegee, A screen and scoop coater. All of them are used in T-shirt printing and produce the amazing result. Everyone knows about the traditional uses of these tools but you can create an outstanding artwork after using your own idea.

About Screen Printing

It does not magic,

But it is difference between the traditional method and ideal method. You see when you apply emulsion on the screen and stretch it with squeegee; it is not magic but technique which helps you to do better piece of work. The squeegee has hard rubber material for which stretch the ink onto the screen.

Screen Printing

The squeegee actually makes your printing much better so use it well at the time of ink applying otherwise you will find misprint in the end. As for concerned to T-shirt, the shirt should be kept on the board smoothly and also properly pressed otherwise press it before using it for printing.

You have to be patient and take time to it for learning. Always keep that thing in mind that you have to learn and learn, because the learning of simple thing makes you confident in learning complex task. You have to do the task as enjoyment and you will find that work easily. Sometime you get sick of it but keep in mind to go ahead.

Important Tips

We are teaching you the same process as it because you have read and seen it before. Therefore we are giving you some important tips and techniques to manage the whole system. If you are going to start your own business as screen printing, a lot of videos and other informative tutorials will help you in this matter. Screen printing is actually learnt by using common sense, it doesn’t need any intelligential work.

If you have common sense, you can progress. The screen printing can be done into two ways, simple printing technique or stenciling printing technique. The printing techniques are much similar to the general traditional method while the stenciling method requires stencil of the object at first. The stencil can be obtained by using wooden blocks. They only need ink or color material to get the stencil.

Important Tips

It is advantage of this process that you can use them for thousand times after the first use. This technique of creating multiple copies from master print makes this process prominent in artist’s choice. There are still more tutorials about screen printing learning and some tips, so stay here and learn more.