This is the screen printing lesson where you will learn how to prepare screen printing screen and how to stencil it with for screen printing. But the first thing to learn in screen printing is that what kind of emulsion you are using for coating you screen printing mesh. Remember there are two different way of the coating screen with the Photo emulsions; liquid photo emulsion and photo emulsion capillary film.


Photo Emulsion Capillary Film


Liquid Photo Emulsion

Screen Printing Supply Shop

Both of the screen printing emulsions are available in market if you go to a big screen printing supply shop. In Capillary film your emulsion is stuck to a film, when you place the coated side of the film on the screen and dry it in dark, due to capillary action the emulsion gets locked in the holes of the screen printing screen mesh and then you can easily role out the plastic film.

But there is a difficulty in this process first thing is you should use the greater number holes mesh and secondly you exposure time should be exactly perfect other wise there will be small patches which will not stick with the screen and will remain with film.

What is recommended by us is that in all screen printing studios the Liquid emulsion is being used so you should use liquid emulsion for you screen printing screen coating. To learn more about screen coating with liquid emulsion watch this video part of the lesson and don’t go any way if you want to learn screen printing comprehensively.

liquid emulsion screen coating

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On the website where you can learn all the process of screen printing in comprehensive details, you will learn here how to screen print tee shirts, how to screen print plastics badges, how to screen print card and how to screen print wooden and metallic article using a stenciled screen printing screen.

This screen printing tutorial video of is starting up lesson screen printing at your own; in this free screen printing tutorial video you will learn how to prepare emulsion for screen coating and then how to prepare you screen for stenciling screen printing pattern on the screen. As all most all the industrial screen printing process involved the liquid photo emulsion so here you will learn the most common easy and affordable screen printing way and also the how can you get the best quality screen prints on you tee shirts etc.


    1. There are two compositions of the photo-emulsion available in the Market or screen print supplies, one is one part photo-emulsion which is very good and you just have to coat the paint as you buy it from market, it is highly sensitive paint, under exposure and over exposure of the some seconds and spoil you stencil on the screen.
    2. So in the beginning you are recommended about two parts photo-emulsion called ‘Dual Cure Emulsion, having two part one emulsion and other is sensitizer which is Potassium Dichromate powder or liquid.
    3. This catalysis the photo-emulsion so before use aqueous solution of Potassium Dichromate is added to the paint and then the mixture is homogenized uniformly by stirring.
    4. Then screen is coated with photo-emulsion by using scoop coater. Only one coat each side is enough.
    5. Then keep you screen to dry in some dark room as photo-emulsion is light sensitive so light should come in contact with the screen before exposure.

For more details watch this free tutorial video of screen printing now for complete free screen printing training stay tuned.