In this screen printing article, you will learn how you can create beautiful printing in screen printing sitting at home. The screen printing provides you opportunity to create wonderful printing with screen and ink combination. Here is describing some initial and important tips for the basic learner.

The tradition method of printing is screen printing in which the user use screen as main medium for printing. Every printing requires stencil for print out the data. The school badges, stamps and T-shirts are designed under screen-printing application. The screen printing is considered as more reliable and comprehensive way for the printing. The screen is meshed with coater and stencil is putting on it under specific heat pressure.

After this it is washed with water spray and water pressure is applied on the every corner of the screen so make it clear from material.

Take great care for the screen because it is made up of fine smooth mesh and can damage with just an extra pressure. When the print is appeared, it is transferred on the plastic or other medium for the final printing. Now-a-day, the printing presses are still using this method for basic printing and it is valued for its everlasting and outstanding result.