Package #2 Frequently Asked Questions
silk_screen_equipmentHere we are introducing you with station textile printer machine. The discovery of this machine proves the advance development in silk screen printing. This machine is mostly used for industrial purpose. The machine has stand for base and there are many screen onto this stand. The screen holders hold the screen while working and you are can work for multiple purposes at the same time. So you can say that it works with less time consumption. The body of this machine is made up of pure and durable steel. Suppose you are printing T-shirts for any order, then you may take help from this machine. It will achieve the target in minimum time with better result.

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Package # 2 includes the following supplies:

  • E-Z TECH 6-color/1-station textile printer
    (Produced with durable steel and with powder covering to resist rust and chemical erosion).
  • E-Z TECH Flash Dryer
    (Includes its own stand plus operates on 110 volts of electricity and is powder coated to resist rust plus chemical erosion.  Includes a five-year contract on the heating element).
  • E-Z TECH Exposure Light
    (500-watt halogen light used for putting the image into the silk-screen).
  • Supplies include a 16 oz. container of the following:
    emulsion, degreaser, reclaimer, screen block, black plastisal ink, soy solvent, plus 1 can of spray adhesive


  • Tools Include:
    1 silk-screen  22″ X 19,” 1 SQUEEGEE 12,” 1 silkscreen coater, 1 roll of 2″ plastic tape, 10 test pellons, and training video
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