Photo Emulsion Sheets: Here is every one the material I will use to silk screen print my four colour image to a white hoody. I am using Speed-ball Opaque ink; the colours are Citrine, Raspberry and Cobalt.

I used Gimp to do the Colour Separation and then printed every colour as pure black on transparencies. Then I exposed four photo emulsion sheets (PhotoEZ sheets) to make the stencils.

The First colour I started with is dark yellow or orange. I mixed Citrine with a little amount of Raspberry. I mixed them correct on the squeegee with a couple paint brushes to save time.

I will do blue next using Speed-ball Opaque Cobalt. You can see the stencil lines up perfectly over the yellow.

Compare what I have done so far with a print out of the original image.

I used Speedball Opaque Raspberry for this layer.

Here is a close up of what is ended so far.

I shaped a purple colour by mixing Raspberry and Cobalt. I mixed them right on the squeegee for every one the colours. When I mix the colours I store the extra I have in little plastic containers. This way when I require it again I do not have to waste time mixing them and I do not waste every ink, throwing away what I do not use.

The Finished hoody.

4 Color_Silkscreen_Print

Here is the clearness for the Purple Layer. I wanted to see how little the specify is for this layer, how slim a few of the lines are and how much detail is possible with this silk screen printing method.