3d Max has a Large Stuff in it for Learning

The layer manager will have already default selection in it. Click the drop sign and the selecting object will show separately. With this default icon you can select the entire object at a time. You can also freeze the object like in d-selection mode. Render option help you to render the object in actual form. Using layer you can change the color combination also. When you want to hide, color or freeze the object, you should have to select the required object first. These are the function that layers manager can do. For detail watch this video.

There are various tab and function that used for different purposes. The 3d software are frequently using for animation, modeling in 3d movies and visualization.

There is much interference of layer in 3d modeling and animation. One can learns this layer hold function but first of all he should expert in basic 3ds max at whole.This is important step in 3ds max. Many software offers to hide the object as visibility similarly with using layer you can invisible the object. The layer using make your rendering speed faster and hide the object at one click. Layer manager is lying in the drop down list of tool and open in a new mini dialog.