How to use snap to grid

In this part of 3D studio max tutorial, you are learning about basic concept of 3d s max. In this part, how to use snap to grid, how to use modifier for object and how to apply free form deformer. Here in this video tutorial, we have taken ice cream model for understanding this concept. If you know about uses of all tools and commands well then it is quite easy to create such object like ice cream in 3d s max.

  1. First of all go to modifier panel, it is located in command panel. There is variety of modifier which is used for modeling of object.
  2. When you select anywhere in the object it will show the modifier into specific tag.

Suppose you select the ice cream area, then you will see that in modifier application in modifier panel. It was just example for the idea of modifier application and now delete it.

  1. You can hide and unhidden the grid according to your demands and shortcut key for grid appearance setting is “g”.
  2. When we choose cone primitive for the modeling of regular cone,
  3. then first you choose the cone and then adjust its radius and length setting.
  4. For ice cream, use sphere and modify its shape like actual ice cream by choose free form deformed modifier.

That’s it for now; hopefully you enjoyed it and learn much through out this series of basic concept of 3d s max.