Simple modeling for plant

We have created the simple modeling for plant in our previous tutorials. Now in this part we shall give final touch to our scene. Though the actual model need flower pot, therefore we shall create flower pot at first and then attach the plant to it.

  1. First of all open the scene in front view port. And create a line to y-axis choosing from create panel.
  2. Click right mouse button and convert it into editable poly.
  3. Click modifier tab and in drop down list, choose modifier as Unwrap UVW and then click on face.
  4. Click on edit and then edit the image to give the required shape. After this select the plant model and get the duplicate copy of it by hold down shift, use rotate tool in this act and create the copy on both side.
  5. This will create illusion of branches for the flower pot. You can adjust the branches setting where you think suitable through using scale rotate and move tools.
  6. Deselect the whole model and draw a structure of water pot with line.
  7. Click right mouse button on the flower pot model and then choose edit.
  8. The edit option will help you to create similar model of flower pot.
  9. Then it is time to render the image, adjust the render setting in render set up and then apply rendering option and this will show your model real and worth-seeing.

So it was the end of this tutorial and hoped you have learn a little bit, for further watch the following video.