Margarita Pizza Recipe

Pizza was called the food of the poor’ in 18th century. It is said that queen margarita wished to eat pizza when she heard of it. She tasted and found it very delicious later, this pizza was known as “Margarita Pizza”


Capsicum : 1
Onion : 1
Tomato : 1
Black olive : 6
Baby corn : ½ cup
Button mushroom : ½ cup
Green chili : 6 to 8
Green peas : ½ cup
Parsley : 1 bunch
Mozzarella cheese : 1 packet


1- The method of margarita pizza is similar to that of tandoori pizza. Knead the dough and, after topping with all the vegetables. Tomato puree and mozzarella cheese, place it in the oven.
2- The oven temperature should be the same as that of tandoori pizza.
3- Your margarita pizza is ready.


Serve it with chili sauce.

Chef Zakir’s Tip

If water (mixed with lemon) is sprinkled on leaves vegetables, they become fresh once again.