2. That it is logically impossible to Attribute anything to an absolute being, so it is meaningless to talk about God.

When we associate any property or characteristic toward any absolute being, then what happens? The absolute doesn’t remain absolute. Let’s take an example by applying some characteristics to an absolute. We will take God as absolute and will attribute some properties to God.

Let’s say that an absolute should be infinite:

absolute should be infinite

Infinite thing is such a thing that couldn’t be counted. So when we say that God being absolute should be infinite then actually we say that we can’t count the God. By counting here, we mean that we can’t explore the whole personality, or in better word entity of absolute. And if we can’t explore God then how can we know God’s will. And if we are unable to know God’s or absolute’s will then we can’t say that a specific action or thing is liked or un-liked by God. Now applying this on religions we can deduct that as will of God can’t be known belief or non-belief is same.

Now let’s say that an absolute should be finite so that we can know its Will and thus can save our religions or belief on God. But when we say that absolute or God is finite, then it doesn’t remains absolute or God. Because if I can explore a whole entity then it means that no part of that entity is hidden from me. And by this God doesn’t remain God as it will be unable before me to hide itself. And the second thing is that infinite could never be absolute in my opinion.

So Talking about God is Still Meaningless.

God is still meaningless

Another thing is that the characteristic of an absolute must also be an absolute. But we can only know about those characteristics which are either processed by us or that are present in our surroundings.

And none of these characteristics are absolute, so how can we associate them to absolute.

Even we can’t say that God possess consciousness or ego. Because, if an absolute possess these characteristics, then these characteristics must also be absolute. Because, absolute can only possess absolute characteristics. Let’s take these characteristics as absolute, and then every entity having these characteristics will surely be absolute. But we can see that we also have these all characteristics. So we should also be absolute. But we are surely not absolute so it means that we are on fault when attributing these characteristics with absolute.

Same problem arises when we talk about God because it’s totally meaningless.