The middle-ages were an era of Muslim expansion. Muslims were known for their cottage industries. At that time, Europe was not industrially developed. The products of Muslim countries were very popular in Europe. The areas which now constitute Indonesia and Malaysia were important for their woodcraft, cotton-cloth and ship-building industries. During the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, Europeans invented machines and brought about an industrial revolution.

They started manufacturing goods on large commercial scale with the help of machines. As a result, cottage industries in Muslim countries suffered a great setback. During the current century, Muslims have also advanced in the field of industry. The Middle Eastern and North African countries are spending their oil incomes on the development and growth of industries.

Muslim countries produce superior quality of cotton. There fore, the cotton textile industry has developed at a fairly good pace. Pakistan exports cotton yarn and cotton cloth worth millions of rupees every year. Eqypt and Turkey also manufacture superior cotton cloth. Cotton textile mills have also been set up in Bangladesh. Indonesia, Malaysia, and Iran. The Middle Eastern Arab countries meet most of their demand for cotton cloth by importing from Pakistan and Eqypt.

The woolen textile industry is flourishing in morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, Turkey, Iran and Pakistan. These countries are self-sufficient in the production of woolen cloth. Silk cloth is manufactured in Pakistan, Iran, Turkey and Indonesia.

Iron and steel industry ahs not showed any appreciable progress and development in the Muslim countries. Turkey has, however, in recent years made some progress towards establishing and further developing the industry. A big steel mill has been established at bin qasim (near Karachi) in Pakistan. Steel mills are also functioning in Egypt, Bangladesh and Indonesia.

Ship-building industry is being developed in Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Turkey, Egypt and Morocco.

Fruit canning industry is located in Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Iraq, Turkey, Syria and Pakistan. Cigarettes and Cigars of high quality are manufactured in Egypt, Turkey, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Indonesia. In the manufacture of plastic Indonesia, Iran, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Turkey, Malaysia and Indonesia have made much progress. Sugar manufacturing plants are located in Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egypt and Turkey. Indonesia and Malaysia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egypt and Turkey. Indonesia and Malaysia are famous in the world for manufacturing tires, tubes, and other rubber products.

Plants to manufacture motor vehicles, trucks, and tractors are located in Iran. Turkey, Egypt and Pakistan. Cement and fertilizer plants have been established in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Iran, Turkey and Egypt.

Leather goods are manufactured in Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Turkey, Iraq, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Indonesia.

Vegetable ghee manufacturing factories are located in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Egypt, Algeria, Turkey and Iran.