First Airblue’s plane crashed in 2010, then bhoja’s plane crash in 2012 and now PIA’s plane crashed in 2016. They cannot come back but implementations can be made to avoid such incidents in future. The reasons of crashes must be found, so that those problems could be avoided further.

First existing things and projects must be fixed, instead of introducing and working on new projects. Now instead of making metro bus service and introducing metro train service, we should had fixed our air service. Administrators should know that PIA planes are becoming old now. They should take measures to fix old planes or to buy new planes.

Plane Crash in Pakistan

Those countries, which are working on new projects have their existing things alright. We should also keep check on existing things first. We should first work for improvement and then for establishment.

What is happening is just loss of national finance. Government is just focusing on building new ones and old ones are becoming useless. We are just facing loss of lives and property of country by doing so. These lives and property is very important for the prosperity of country.

Tragic incidents, crashes and disasters must be noticed and measures should be taken. Plane crash is not a minor accident that would be mourned and then to be forgot. It should be asked from the families of deceased that how they feel and can they forget these incidents? We should learn lesson from these incidents and we should keep them in mind as well.

Plane Crash

To facilitate people, first existing facilities should be checked. We could live without metro because we had other road transport. Also metro is not giving us so much benefit. Instead, its road damaged so many existing roads, trees and buildings. Now same is happening because of metro train. Government could use that money for other useful purpose e.g to buy new plane or to fix existing plane, to fix existing roads etc.