Multiple Dimensions – Wouldn’t it be fun to do some math on the possibilities of multiple dimensions of time and space?

According to the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum physics, the act of observing phenomena collapses the wave function. Instead of obtaining a wave pattern during the double slit experiment, the particles behave as single particles.

What if the wave function never really collapses?

If it does collapse, what happens with all the missing outcomes? When something is observed, we obtain an outcome. When we measure, the particles act as a wave. So do our brains collapse the wave function, or can we blame decoherence?
De coherence makes the wave function appear to collapse. Could it be that because we are made of the particles we are attempting to observe, it’s impossible to observe them?

multiple dimensions
Something odd happens when the wave function collapses. Max Marketer suggests in his recently published book “our mathematical universe”, the instead of the wave function collapsing, all the missing outcomes occur in other dimensions.

I suggest it might also be that all the outcomes occur but at different bodily or brain frequencies and depending on your level of consciousness you only perceive a short range of all the possible outcomes. The outcomes that are not in tune with your brain frequency would then split off into unperceived dimensions in the fabric of space.

It’s fun to think about, but what might be the implications?

First, the space between these dimensions is called Hilbert space. Whats the nature of Hilbert space? W We’re considering space and time splitting into various dimensions. What if the invisible mass we call dark matter were actually all the matter found in these dimensions? It might make some sense considering that the amount of dark matter is increasing, accounting for all the newly produced outcomes of events.

But wait, would it be necessary for a conscious life-form to make the observations for other dimensions to be created? I don’t think so, I think we only perceive at the frequency we are tuned into. But when it comes to “versions of reality”, there’s a difference, then, I think there would need to be a conscious observer. So there’s a difference between dimensions, and versions of reality. And other dimensions could be created without the need for any conscious observer.

I think any low level consciousness animal or insect could collapse the wave function and then produce other versions of reality. That would mean in other dimensions, there would be super intelligent bugs and dinosaurs.

As long as there is life, the wave function will appear to collapse to living creatures and other dimensions will be produced for each missing outcome. What if we never died until we had absolutely no chance of surviving? What if, as long as there were outcomes in which you would survive, you would keep surviving? Is there absolutely no way we could ever know that?