Electronics is that branch of applied physics which discusses those principles and ways by means of which we control the flow of the electrons using diodes, transistors and other semi-conductor devices in order to meet our various requirements.

Our household appliances such as radio, television, hi –fi sound system, video and audio cassette recorder and players provide us entertainment and all types of information. The various automatic machines as robot, telephone and mobile phone have rendered our work easier. The use of the electronic calculator has become so common that even a shopkeeper uses it for his arithmetical calculations.

Electronic Devices

Electronic devices have been installed in artificial satellites orbiting the earth which, by means of electromagnetic waves, keep their contact with earth. These satellites are designed to serve world side communication network, to scan earth’s natural resources and to provide us data on weather and climate.

The biggest achievement of electronics is computer which has taken the whole world into its grip. By using the facility of internet, provided by computers, we can contact any institution of world and get the required information. Now –a-days computers are being used even for shopping purposes. By E-mail we can immediately communicate anywhere in the world.

Computer is the pivot of the whole information technology. Computer’s influence is increasing to such an extent in our life that in near future a person without the knowledge of computer would be considered as illiterate.

This brief introduction would have given you an idea about the importance and usefulness of electronics. Now we would study about electronics, its building blocks and how do they work.


A microchip equal to size of thumb nail has about one thousand electronic devices