I presume that some combinations of sounds may affect some natural phenomenon as some people believe about music or mysticism.

What I stated, meanings depend upon situations. Let me to enlighten! Perceive! The word “promise” has different meanings for different situations, different people. Situation affects it and it reflects the meaning from one of its synonyms, even sometime, antonyms. In fact 2 people have different sense of meaning of the same word because of their formal or informal studies.

The meaning of “midnight” to his pupil in some ghastly background; on the other hand Jimmy is told the meaning of midnight on the grounds of cheerful and bright moments. Now, both of the pupils became older. They face each other and when they use the word “midnight” during their conversation, they lightly understand something different than each other. This difference is, sometime, unnoticeable, some time causes clashes.

I want to say that there are myriad factors to express a word’s meaning. Never the meaning of a single word has been justified on scientific basis. We know what the standard unit of length is, what is the standard unit of time, and we make sure the accuracy of things. We name them; we use terminology for them because we are satisfied of their meanings after scientific experiment.

But there is no institute for specifying the meanings of language’s words. Logic don’t deal the meanings, it is just a tool to measure the true or false between propositions. Logic never lists the expressions. What does someone want to say actually? We can’t know, if we don’t be acquainted with expressions of talker.

Both, logic and dictionary are failed to express the specific meanings of a word. Meaning depends upon the listener object’s quality, environment of narration, expressions of both sides, inherent meaning of somebody’s perceptions, and the order of morphemes in a word. Words, which contain the sound of “shee” have some sharp real meaning within them, words, which contains “am” or “el” sounds leave some polite impact on listener. But sometime sharp and polite morphemes come together in a word and they have to change the impact into some other type of feeling.

The combination of morphemes is just like the combination of colors, we can compose countless colors from seven colors only. Same like that we can compose thousands types of effects of words by combining them in some special order for some special purpose.