There are two types of thinking, Pessimistic and optimistic. It’s also said that there are two types of aspects, negative and positive or bright and dark. In a pessimistic point of view, the world will be a grim in future. On the other hand, an optimistic thinking allows us to look upon the bright aspect of the situation.

In my point of view, the world will be better in next 10 years.

  1. All being demolished plant and animal species will be cured and recovered.
  2. Rivers, lakes will be prevented by being poisoned more.
  3. Wars will be near to be over from the planet.
  4. New sources of energy will be discovered or invented.
  5. Society will learn more from their recent past damages and they will grow much better than before.
  6. Respect for individual identities will be increased throughout the planet dependently.
  7. Knowledge will show some new avenues to live and evolve better.

If you ask me on which basis? I am intend to say that,

Because you and me are here in this philosophy room for discussing the future of planet and being worried about the life. It had never happened before. Soon and I am sure very soon humans are going to realize that what is the way from getting rid of the misery. They will deal the religion as a little appetizer for the patients of superstition and delusions. Thus, they won’t kill the religious people but also they will educate them with some smart and cleaver way, maybe the infusion by modern media.

I am sure that the last decision of the prevention of the planet is in the hands of scientism. Let me give a strong vision,

If tomorrow NASA declares that, there is huge, huge block of stone coming to earth and it’s going to destroy the planet. What do you think; religious people won’t believe in that?

No! They will definitely believe, you know modern media can instantly mold the minds of the populations of the world in present day.

However, either it’s optimistic or pessimistic thinking but the common thing is that both are based on probabilities and there is a common method of logic to count the numbers while setting probabilities up as propositions. Let’s take a look on our past and again on our future. What is the ratio of probabilities in both sides?