how should we try to understand the Faith? Because the spirit of religion is faith; and faith, like the bird, sets eyes on its ‘trackless way’ unattended by mind which, accosts the alive heart of man and robs it of the imperceptible affluence of life that lies within.

So far it can not be denied that faith is more than mere sentiment. It has something like a cognitive gist. Perhaps Professor Whitehead knew this thing. In his words:

“Religion is system of general truths which have the effect of transforming character when they are sincerely held and vividly apprehended” Consequently we shall have to present the religion an important place among the philosophical deliberations.

I envisage that “religion is the philosophy of masses and Philosophy is the religion of legendry” because it is always admitted that religion has a system of some commonly acceptable feelings. How can we enjoy philosophy without the continuation of religion? Will there be a time when philosophy triumph over the religion, ever, in common human lives?