Muslim Inquisition Age, It’s difficult here. We are living in the age of inquisition. You still need to tell them about the roundness of the planet earth and maybe you find some people still here who are in favor of killing Galileo.

The only solution is to get rid of the orthodox beliefs first. It can be achieved only by evolving gene pole unless it meets the standards of noble intelligence. However there are men and women, here, who have the capacity and flexibility to adopt new ideas instantly. There are multiple tracks; our people are walking on them. Some know that they need to be more evolved.


Well, they cannot stop what’s going to happen by the laws of nature. Western inventions, modernism, knowledge and discoveries have made our people to rethink about their behaviors. Still there are some political issues on big level. Some evolved nations want to help us but they don’t know the exact needs of the region.

They are experimenting same things as they did in other areas. Thus they will succeed but in return they will only leave regression here. It’s big bosses’ fight in which the normal human watches movies on daily basis about the ignorance of our masses and their brutality, thus they want to show a face which is incapable of having dangerous things like knifes and etc.


Its interesting sentence I ever heard. “As I command you”. If I am supposed to do everything as exactly as God commanded me to do, then where is my own free will. It’s a contradictory sentence. I gave you the free will, so use it exactly as I command you” and self canceling as well.

Again the question of personal and impersonal God indeed, Abraham religions insist to believe in a personal God and the others are in favor of the unity of being. There is no way to run away from someone’s superstitions. We are still unable to form healthy life for humanity without beliefs. So religion will be the last opium to feed humanity for a while without making them more superstitious if rob their beliefs. So all of em are good, Just the passage of time to understand the reality that there is no reality indeed.

Of course this is the way humanity learns. I am keenly interested in some experiment in which a society or an individual has upgraded his dimension and now he never gets in some superstitious activity ever.

I suppose while going alone in midnight on a dark, lonesome, neglected road almost 99 percent of the people at least once think of devils or spirits and if he is educated he will simply shook his head and done. So, if there still superstitions exist on this planet, we still need some medicine unless our education systems brings new generations that are rational and they could have a little low level of violent behavior when listening some bitter truths.