Therefore if we accept the teleology of Kant in this respect we’ll find a fixed future of things.

On the other hand cosmology has already denied the existence of real time. It has accepted the time as the 4rth dimension of the space and not as a real thing.

“The 4th dimension to be the movement of three dimensional figure in a direction not contained in itself, just the movement of the point, the line and the surface in a direction not contained in them gives us the movement of the three dimensional figure in a direction not contained in itself must give us the 4th dimension of the space. And since time is the distance separating events in order of succession and binding them in different wholes, it is obviously a distance lying in a direction not contained in the three dimensional space.” (Ouspensky)

Omniscient being necessarily contradicts the free will.

Omniscient being is all knowing

All knowing knows what’s going be happened in next moment

What I am going to do in next moment is my future

What I am going to do in next moment is my free will

Omniscient being knows my future

Omniscient being necessarily contradicts the free will

Again a fixed future of things necessarily contradicts that kind of free will which is seen in human beings.

Some of us think they have free will. The way they think a deer also has free will. A deer, who decides not to go to that area of carnivores and he changes his direction while grazing freely in jungle, is not so different from the decision of good action or bad by a human.

The only sign to recognize free will in both, the human and the deer is that you must watch the wish first. What is their wish? If a human chooses to fight elections and to be a member of assembly by desire, it’ll be the same as the desire of a deer. Chemical changes in blood does make them same in desire and the desire is only motive to act or take step. Thus both of them are equal in free will. They don’t have actually the free will but the thing they only have is chemical changes in blood.

But there are circles, the circles that have big diameters and the circles that have small diameters. The grade difference between a deer’s action and a human’s is simply the difference between two sizes of circles.

Let me try an example,

20 workers in mills have the option to press two buttons at the times of needs. One button is red for stopping the mill and the other is green for starting it again. There is a supervisor who supervises those 20 workers and he can order them to stop or start any mill at any time. Thus he has all (options of 20 workers) in one. His circle of options is wider than the workers’ circles.

A human has a wider circle of options at the time of any action in life but still this circle can be expanded more and more, infinitely. Although every living organism can expand his circle of options but they take long time for using their knowledge into their practices. The only difference between a human’s circle and of an animal’s is the required duration of evolutionary process. Human’s circle expands speedily by using knowledge into practices. When a deer decides to avoid the trail of a carnivore, he uses his other options which he has in his circle of options, he got those guts from his ancestors and his ancestors used their knowledge into their practices. He also contributes his knowledge and practices to his gene pole but this contribution cannot be counted for or measured by normal clock. Of course the evolutionary process for all species has its own time units.

However in humans it gets awe-inspiring speed and a human can share his fresh knowledge to his own practice in seconds, thus he can get results in seconds as well.

So, logically there is no difference between the free will of a deer and the free will of an educated and dexterous human.

Imagine a place where there are some people living together. They live in peace and grow, if they do not do bad things, evil deeds, lie, threat, cruelty, malice, unkindness, murder, theft etc. On the other hand if they keep doing bad things they won’t live long. They will definitely die. It’s the new phase of evolution for the life of planet earth, the ethics.

I mean the Ethics; the Morality is the only next evolutionary step for mankind.

In my point of view the ethics is a weapon which we use to protect ourselves from the harmfulness of others. If you date ethics back to caves, you will see there, they’ve been protecting themselves from each other and moral values have been coming into existence by this practice.

The cave man took care of some little things because he had to. He did not rape the female of other clan because he knew that he will have to pay for. Thus former ethical values came into existence. Even till now, we are doing the same practice.

Evil deed is injurious to individual and society equally. When we are telling a very, very small lie, we are actually taking part in destroying the society and as well as the planet. Likewise if we are speaking the truth we are building the immortal humanity.

However it’s natural to respond the dangers with such a reflex action which is most suitable decision of that time. All moral values are basically responses against dangers. That’s why a deer and a human are equal in this context.

Actually, both, a human and a deer got this power of decision at their own level by means of natural selection. In a way nature selects us to select nature. It means that we are supposed to select nature for the sake of the safety of nature. We’ll have to return the selection otherwise nature won’t select us for more selection of the nature and we’ll be destroyed. If we select good things for the safety of nature, the nature will keep selecting us for the selection of the objects of nature otherwise, if we select bad things, we should keep in our minds that bad things are meant to destroy the nature. That’s why nature dislikes bad things and it won’t select us again.

If humans want to live long on this planet they will have to be a part of nature. If they want to be a part of nature then they will have to respect the natural selection.

The next step of evolution is definitely moral because it’s very strict law of the evolution that he will be perished who does not meet the conditions of survival. Moral values are the only way left for humans to keep this planet safe. Humans will now evolve only morally. If they do not give up fighting for the pieces of lands and power, if they do not evolve themselves morally the law of nature will condemn them harshly.

The only way to live long life for humanity is to adopt the peace and regret the violence at present moment.

So I hope that humans will soon realize the real need of the next step of evolution and they will save their beautiful planet for the sake of their own safety.

If humans recognize this fact and by obeying the law of nature they keep themselves away from the evil deeds, I imagine 200 years later,

Population has been put down roots from Earth to Arcturus
Programmers are writing Organic scripts
The scripts of human DNA
The passengers of “Orion” has come back
with the tales of gods
Machines are in museums
Hospitals are just for the renovation
Clones have no fathers, no sons
The Death has been subjugated
Theoretically possible resurrection of all living organisms is inevitable. Actually possible resurrection of at least humans is not so far away from today’s research. As we know that modern biology is interested in human cloning. I optimistically suppose that they will surely clone a dead human’s DNA one day. On the other hand data uploading from computer to human mind and human mind to computer will be successful in near future.

I suppose one day there will be a court listening to our case from two of our descendent advocates’ teams. One is who wants to resurrect all dead humans with their own memories and the other wants to stop them.

I imagine, the debate is going on,

“Milord! They had   two Veez, the Violence and the Virus, they should not be raised from deep death. They will perish our paradise which we made with our high level skills and abilities. We are naturally equipped with moral tools of living a very sophisticated life and they are unable to live without Violence and Virus”

The other guy says,

“Milord! It’s not a matter. Virus can be removed from very first day of their genome and for fixing their violent behavior we can train them. But it won’t be fair if we forget their struggles for making the world like this, in which we are living right now with such a peace and long healthy life”

At the end the judge makes the judgment,

“All dead humans should be resurrected as immediately as possible and give them their memories back. Those who are violent with their behavior should be kept in training areas and those who have no violence should be awarded a new and fresh life”

When programmers are able to write a human DNA scripts, imagine the standard of real 3d graphics at that time. They will count each pixel of computer generated graphics and then they will start writing scripts. Thus they will create very new and special DNAs according to the needs of the planets. Of course they will be our descendent programmers of the time. If this happens, the creation of human DNA with fresh written scripts, which is not so far long, the dead humans’ DNAs will already be under discussion and consideration of the societies?

Finding DNAs won’t be a problem because of the latest technology of that time. Imagine when they are able to count the numbers of Molecules and Atoms of the planet earth, why they won’t be able to locate the human DNAs from the soil.

I imagine a world which is theoretically possible, where there is no misery, no pain, no death, no ill, no sick, no crime, no lie, no violence, and no virus at all.

Do not hesitate to call it damn fiction but it’s still theoretically possible. Anyways, it seems that the evolution is not a blind force. It sees its trackless ways before creating new species.

Bergson, however, denies the teleological character of Reality on the ground that teleology makes time unreal. According to him,

“the portals of the future must remain wide open to Reality”. Otherwise, it will not be free and creative.

The designer regarded as external to his material must always remain limited by his material


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