Step 1: For an innovative thought you need two things necessarily, The Temper and the Insight. How do you build temper? You necessarily need a problem for displaying and utilizing temper. A problem creates fear, fear generates curiosity, curiosity ignites instinct and instinct displays temper. Thus temper is inversely proportional to the problem. Finally if you got control over your temper, you are qualified for being creative thinker.

Step 2: But a creative thought still needs two more elements, the dexterity and the insight. Dexterity is more enhanced skill and what is skill? It’s your experience plus knowledge. How your skill becomes dexterity? Skill needs tools to be used for perfectness. A perfect skill is surely dexterity.

Step 3: The other element i.e. the insight is the product of inspiration and dexterous mind. And the inspiration is the result of problem and analogy.

Here is the formula,

Temper + Insight = Creativity


The Problem,

Problem is a question, issue, or task you are assigned to solve, resolve or achieve. A problem creates fear and curiosity in mind. Fear and curiosity ignite instinct to be active.

The Temper

Temper is temperament you got at the time of facing a problem. The intensity of a problem affects your muscles in a mathematical way. If problem is higher than normal, your muscles will be tensed than normal. They are directly proportional to each other. The temper is what keeps you cool and calm psychologically at the time of a problem. Thus the temperament is inversely proportional to the muscular tension always.

The Skill: A skill is the combination of your knowledge and experience.

The Dexterity: Dexterity is enhanced skill. It is skill with proper tools. Dexterous mind is necessary for the perfection of a product.

The inspirationL: When you face a problem you immediately want to solve or resolve it. Thus you view or review other examples of the same problem. This action is called analogy. A problem with proper analogies finally gives you inspiration.

The Insight: With dexterity and inspiration you get insights.



Problem >>Fear >>Curiosity>> Instinct = Muscular Tension

Muscular Tension 1/ Temperament


Experience + Knowledge = Skill

Skill + Tools = Dexterity


Problem + Analogy = Inspiration


Inspiration + Dexterity = Insight

Temper + Insight = Creativity