Books or Dollars?

“If you are offered to choose one of two things, Dollar or Book? What should you decide? Dollar gives you the power of purchasing your favorite things like car, apartment, your much loved dinner etcetera but a book is worthless in real life according to ground realities”

This is true because people do like thBis but they say something else. They say that the book is most precious thing than the dollar. Actions are different than thoughts in common populace. They say something else, they do something else.

For example majority of the people in this world believe in destiny verbally, they blame fate or God when they have troubles or losses but in normal life they never react like a believer because they fight with each other, they hide things from each other, they become made on those who hurt them. If they are believer why they don’t simply think that every trouble, hurdle, and loss comes from the God or it’s all their fate.

That’s why I say that common people believe in the power of dollar in confront of a book, therefore, it’s undeniable truth that some people love and live with books and knowledge. I am at least one of them۔

As Sheikh Saadi the great Islamic poet and mystic said,

“When I was learning at school, in actual I was teaching and now when I am teaching, I am learning indeed”