You are going to know about the basic introduction of philosophy. Before the introduction of philosophy, let me tell you what the simple meaning of Philosophy is. Philosophy is an accumulation of thinking about the events exist in the past, it may be concerned with knowledge, art, and mind. Through philosophy, you can get access to the problems with powerful argument. The word “philosophy” is derived from Greek word “philosophia” which mean love of wisdom.

The orientation of philosophy is started by Greeks. Pythagoras is assumed as the best philosopher at his time. According to the Greeks, the philosophers were distinct with Sophist. The difference between them the philosophers were teacher of thinking whereas the sophists sometimes earn money trough their knowledge. In ancient time the philosopher mostly stressed upon the causes and beginning of universe.

On the other hand, the modern philosophers depend upon the arguments with reason. While other philosopher like Socrates has mostly studied about the living organisms. The following article is presenting here to know you about the solution of problem with peaceful argument. They believe on logical philosophy. The aim of most philosophers is to think and research on religion and ethics, while other also used history, music and education for the philosophy.

Basic Introduction of Philosophy