Through love thorns become roses, and
Through love vinegar becomes sweet wine,
Through love the stake becomes a throne,
Through love misfortune becomes good fortune,
Through love burning fire becomes pleasing light,
Through love stone becomes soft as butter,
Through love grief becomes a joy,
Through love lions become harmless
Through love sickness becomes health,
Through love wrath seems to be a mercy,
Through love the dead rise to life,
Through love the king becomes a slave.

(Jalaludding Rumi)

Translated by Dr. Nicholson

Vinegar Acid liquor used in flavoring food and for pickling
Stake Post (to which a person was tied)
Wrath Great anger


love is the essence of all religions. It is love theat changes the adversities into pleasures. Thorns become roses, vinegar becomes sweet wine, burning fire a pleasing light, sickness becomes health, and the king a slave. Life becomes a success and pleasure because of love, otherwise life is not worth living.


  1. What is the effect of love?
  2. Is life worth living without love?
  3. There are a number of antonyms in this poem. Given below are words taken from the poem. Write down the antonyms as given in the poem.


Thorns                  roses








4.   Make pairs of rhyming words from the list of the words given below, e.g. fight-light.

Roses, gone, health, fight, throne, poses, joy, wealth, light, toy, thorn, love, horn, dove.