Knowledge and Education; Knowledge is known as the information which a person has. Person can get knowledge by getting education and from other resources. It is not necessary that if a person has knowledge he may also practically implement, knowledge is of two aspects practical and theoretical.

For example many people have the degree of engineering but even then majority of them can not invent anything by practically implementing their knowledge.

On the other side level of knowledge differs from one individual to another on the bases of his/her personal life experience, For example if a women works on two jobs to support the family it will be common news for the people living in developed areas as compare to those people who live in backward areas because the level of knowledge on the bases of their life experience is quite different from one another. Knowledge is known as awareness/Understanding of anything which can be of gathering facts information or skills.

It is the quality of the knowledge that a young one has a large knowledge as compare to the aged person. For example a person with 25 years age can own broad knowledge as compare to a mature person with 40 years of age due to their large information he possessed.

Famous Quote about Knowledge;

Knowledge is of two kinds we know a subject our self or we know where we can find It. (Samuel Johnson)

There are different sources to get knowledge such as:

  • Getting education from institutions
  • Television
  • Newspapers
  • Radio
  • Gossips with friends family member’s relatives neighbors etc.


According to our society education starts from school which moves to college and then finishes at university. An education is usually offered by an educational institution, the basic objectives of education are development of intellectual skills basic principles and concepts including philosophies which is required by the student to memorize them all. Education basically requires some sort of individual to compose literature.

Knowledge and Education

Knowledge and Education

Education is not limited to the borders of the countries. Person has to do one thing that is his mind should always be in the process of learning which can be through instructions or observations.It is natural process that person mind is always processing new information.

Education basically empowers the person in any given critical situation. It helps you in understanding the rules and regulation of the society in which you are living. Furthermore it creates the awareness about your duties and responsibilities related to the society and the people.

Education is interlinked with the age one cannot get higher education in little age. For example a 10 year old boy may not complete their inter (12) class as compare to other who have 18 years of age. So there is a direct relation between age and education.

Famous Quotes about education;

Education is not filling a bucket but lightening of the fire.(Wilim B Yates)

Education is the Best provision for the old Age. (Aristotle)

 There are some characteristics of knowledge and education which are:

A person feels boring while gaining education. On the other hand a person feels pleasure while gaining the knowledge because knowledge gives satisfaction to person.

New things are education. Already existing things are information which leads to increase in knowledge.

Education gives us innovative ideas and the knowledge gives us information about the things.

Example: For example first timeidea of innovating aero plane in the mind of wright Brothers in 1903 was education for rest of the worlds because nobody know about the aero plane invention. At present it becomes knowledge for all those who are engaged in Aviation that how to prepare an aero plane.

 Difference between Knowledge and education

There is not a big difference between knowledge and education as both are interrelated with each other in fact one leads the other.


Knowledge Education
Knowledge is gained through informal ways. Education is gained through formal ways like institutions.
Knowledge is not measured in sense of growth rate. Education has a specific growth rate
Knowledge does not need investment for its acquiring. Education is gained by investing money
There is no direct relation between knowledge and age. There is a direct relation between age and education.
Knowledge is gained by itself. Education is taught by the teachers
Knowledge makes a person all-rounder Education leads to specific Specialization
Knowledge gives general information Education tells facts and figures
Knowledge is what left in the mind after education. Education is process
Knowledge is the sum of things which we know. Education is the way to gain knowledge
Knowledge is the combination of experience gathered through exposure Education is a process to use cognitive potential to have new information
Knowledge can be gained without books. Education is learned from books
While getting knowledge we have not followed any kind of boundaries and curriculum. While getting education we have to follow specific boundaries and curriculum
Knowledge is what we know. Education is what we learn.

Muhammad Ayyub 5264-FMS/MBA/F11, IIUI