Urdu Bazzar Lahore is one of the great markets of South Asia for publishing books in almost all languages especially Urdu, Punjabi, Saraiki, Pashto, Sindhi, Hindi, Arabic, Persian and English. In Urdu bazzar lahore there is hell of publishers waiting for your book to be published. But hang out! for a while. If you are planning to get published your poetry book or something else, you need to know what they will do with you. I mean the publishers sitting in Urdu Bazaar Lahore.

Urdu Bazaar Lahore

They will definitely refuse if you are a new writer and trying to get published for the first time. You know they also want to raise their business higher and higher. Why they will Publish you unknowingly whether your book will grab a good business for them or not? Surely they won’t publish you even you offer them the cost coming on your book if they are some famous Publisher like Feroz Sons or Sang e Meel Publications. However never mind and don’t worry. You can still do something.

There are some new publishers there. They are waiting for your precious work. Although they will demand costs but they won’t refuse to get printed and published your book at all. Now, it depends upon you how you make a deal with them. If you ask them print and publish your Urdu book without any cost, it’s likely to be refused your good work, you should offer them cost but on the cost of the ownership of your own business because they are just giving you the services, how they manage designers and printers and how they spread your book to the people across the world. You should be crystal clear while dealing the because even the great Muslim Scholar Allama Iqbal was fedup of them i.e. the Publishers of Urdu Bazaar Lahore.

In a sense they are very cruel for new writers. They never appreciate the new writer ever. They always discourage him or her and make him fool as much as they can. So what’s the deal? you should be cleaver.

First of all you should visit by yourself, the Urdu Bazaar Lahore and meet them, the publishers of new books. Tell them what you got. Tell them the importance of your work and its worth. But do not hang out with some stupid truck driver type professional publisher. He doesn’t know what you actually got in there, in your bag. He is unaware of the importance of your work. He will throw you away without saying a single word. He will look upon you like you are some crazy. Never mind keep your meetings without results just try to understand their behavior and never stop. Don’t be hasty. It’s very necessary and I am telling you this thing after a very long experience indeed. So your first Trip to Urdu Bazaar Lahore should not be for getting published at the spot. Come back to home and think about them.

If you are lucky , maybe you meet someone a little human telling you the truths and giving you options. But it’s rare. Anyhow! I know at the end you will decide to give them the money i.e. the cost of the book that you want to get published from some Urdu Bazaar Lahore’s publisher for the worth of your writing.

Wait! maybe you think after coming back from your first visit that you should try to get involved by yourself in designing, printing and publishing job. No, No never do that. It’s unworthy for your precious work. You’ll never get an ISBN number for your book ever by doing so. An ISBN number is an international book standard number. It’s very necessary, I will tell you about ISBN number in another post. So never think you will self publish your book. It’s useless at all. Always join some publisher. No matter he has got large business and popularity or less. Just ask him that he will give your book the ISBN number in every situation. If he doesn’t do so. Don’t go to him.

If you don’t have money and still want your book published. Just try some of your articles or items from your book getting published in some famous newspaper or journal. Keep sending your articles and stuff to that journal or newspaper. When you have 30 or more articles got published in some newspaper or magazine. Once again go to Urdu Bazaar and tell them about.

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