Theme: One who knows himself, and also knows that he is a wonderful thing created by the creator, cannot have a view of any thing else except God Almighty. He starts loving Him, Who blesses him with great love. In such state of affairs every other thing becomes useless to him, and like Mansur, he feels pleased and is willing to be hanged on the gallows to get his head cut off only for the love of his Beloved, God.

The poet thinks that a person’s stay in this world is temporary. It is better for a man to have been loved. The union of one soul with another soul through the alchemy of love is the highest mystic truth.

He came to know Himself

Naught else had He in view

To be able to realize this

He got enmeshed in love

He alighted from high heaven

To pour a cascade of love

Became Mansur to mount the gallows

Just to have his head cut off.

He treaded the bazaars of Egypt

Just to be sold for a slave

Sachu speaks the bare Truth

To speak of His sojourn on earth.

(Sachal Sarmast)


Naught Nothing
Enmeshed Entangled
Cascade Waterfall
Mansur A saint
Gallows Wooden framework on which criminals are put to death by hanging
Sold for a slave Reference to Hazrat Yousaf (A.S.) who was sold as a slave in the bazaars of Egypt
Sojourn Temporary stay (in a place)

 Answer the following question.

  1. Why does the poet put emphasis on how to know himself?
  2. What makes one entangled in love?
  3. Why did Mansur mount the gallows?
  4. What is the bare truth?
  5. Explain these lines:

He alighted from high heaven

To pour a cascade of love

  1. What does the poet say about “His sojourn on earth” in the last line?