I’ve been writing on Expression of Personality since long. It’s one of my favorite topics. I believe that we make our children chose their X, Y, Z or A, B, C expressions and help them get their brand new personalities. It’s long, very long deductive argument. But in this post I just want to set a fragment of the argument before two of my colleagues on this very topic.

This fragment does not belong to the childhood psychology of humans as I usually write upon. It’s like chapter 4 of the book 🙂 I mean it’s about adults.

Look! If you got a beautiful face you’ll show it up definitely, that’s it.

One who can write good poems, he will write them and display everywhere no matters if he is unemployed J. What you got you show, this is expression of personality. Now the question is whether a person does have something real expressible? Or maybe he is just displaying something different than his own real items? It means sometime people show their qualities that they don’t actually posses? For example, if after football world Cup you see most of the youth rapidly develops and desire or sometime displays a quality of being a football player. It’s a false expression of their personalities.

Expression of personality in adults usually in forms of seduction no matters where they are at the time of expression. It’s in Freud’s words the Libido. But I think its Argus. I stipulate the word Argus for expression of personality. Possibly Argus looks like libido in adults but not in children or in aged people while Freud takes libido as the sexual instinct in humans which leads their whole life.

Expression of personality