Objectives: This Course, “The Art of Effective Leadership ” is equally valuable for leaders, officers, CEOs, Chairmen, Directors, Supervisor, Businessmen, Managers and Students. Leadership needs always an optimistic spirit, thus it is the only soul in some community, team, network or staff for their own good. However, Leadership is an Art indeed.

Even if someone has God gifted leadership qualities, he still needs to enhance his talent. This course provides the whole study of Art of Leadership but also involves exercises, practice problems, activities and projects; therefore it is like a therapy as well.

The main purpose of designing this course is to train team leaders in community so that they perform better in their fields. After the completion of this course almost all participants will be able to lead and pilot their sub-ordinate teams or community members with dexterity and confidence.

 Course Contents,

Self Evaluation

  1. Evaluation of the Persona (Activity)
  2. Measurement of Temperament and Tolerance (Activity)
  3. Assessment of General Knowledge (Activity)
  4. Evaluation of Skill Level (Activity)

Identifying Individual Identity

  1. The problem of Identity
  2. Finding out the hidden Personality
  3. Tracing Unraveled Priorities and Chaotic Stances

Developing Optimistic Approach

  1. Study of the different states of mind
  2. Identifying Nostalgia and Stamping it Out
  3. Study of Dreams and The Art of Dreaming
  4. Study of the Art of Planning
  5. Measurement of Aesthetics (Activity)

Improving Concept Designing Abilities

  1. Measurement of Sketching Abilities (Activity)
  2. Stumbling Upon an Idea and Utilizing it Immediately
  3. Power of Analogy
  4. How to Design a Concept (Project)

Improving Ability of Utilizing Available Sources

  1. Developing the Power of Prediction
  2. Improving the ability to Analyze the Capacity and Capability
  3. Understanding Logical Decision Making
  4. How to Properly Utilize Available Sources (Activity)
  5. Understanding the limits of Powers and Beyond

Finding the Spirit, How a Leader Should Be?

  1. Enthusiastic, Spirited and Full of life
  2. Having Courage, Guts and a little Gallantry
  3. Futurist and Visionary
  4. Knowledgeable and Well-informed
  5. Having Smart Observation
  6. Liberal and Tolerant
  7. Alert to the Needs of Team
  8. Tuned into the Business
  9. Straightforward Negotiation
  10. Team Building abilities
  11. Motivation and Goal Setting Skills
  12. Having very good character

Compulsory Skills

  1. Communication
  2. Risk taking
  3. Vision and goal setting
  4. Inspirational
  5. Optimist
  6. Confident
  7. Fearless
  8. Creative Thinking

The Study of Emotional Involvements

  1. Learning the Art of Argumentation
  2. Identifying Fallacies in a Speech
  3. How to Tolerate an Offensive Behavior
  4. Relation between Temperament and Muscular Tension

Productive Creativity

  1. The Study of Creative Thinking
  2. How to Measure Productive Creativity? (Activity)
  3. Create a Productive Idea (Project)

Character Building

  1. The Study of Truth and Honesty
  2. Reasonable Punctuality
  3. Compassion and Sympathy for Team Members and Their Problems

The Leader on Dais

  1. Learning, How to Face Gatherings?
  2. Learning, How to Deliver a Speech
  3. Improving Confidence
  4. Speak Up (Activity)


Multimedia Support

Complicated concepts will be explained with the help of special videos, animations, simulations and images using multimedia in classroom.