Pakistan has many problems now a day like corruption, unemployment, suicide attack, lack of energy etc. The Government has failed to control that problem. Every Government promise to change the condition of country but it is just political talks. In developing country like Pakistan a load shedding is scheduled and unscheduled.The energy short fall is effected mostly by those whose work depends on electricity, such as in household uses for cooking and water supplying similarly nearly all the occupation is related with electricity. In this sense the load shedding and shortfall become humanitarian crisis.

Now-a-day it is become the biggest problem of Pakistan and students also affected from this crisis. In exams season, they have to prepare for their exams under the oil lamp light. According to me, there is several reasons of this load shedding and some of them is discussed here below.


If the Government declared a specific time about load shedding is called scheduled. If the Government does not declared a specific time then it is called unscheduled.

Lack of water:
There is a lack of water in a river, which causes a problem to form electricity, and level in river is very low; it could not meet the requirement of our country.

No use of Natural resources:
Although these developing countries have many natural resources but they have no idea to use it in proper way. Therefore it is major reason for lack of energy.

No Formation of dams.
In 1948 Pakistan has planned to build up dams to meet its requirement of consumer but after 62 year they haven’t fulfilled their promise. In Musharraf’s Government corruption has affected on the solution of these problems and formation of dams.