English Grammar in Urdu as taught in English – speaking countries. Although the English page has a separate section for grammar, it seems harder to follow if you are using it for self study or classroom use.


Abide رہنا Abode Abode
Be(is are, am) ہونا Was, were Been
Beat مارنایاشکست دینا Beat Beaten
Build تعمیر کرنایابنانا Built Built
Burn جلانا Burnt Burnt
Clothe پہنانا Clothed Clothed
Come آنا Came Come
Become ہوجانا Became Become
Overcome قابو پانا Overcame Overcome
Do کرنایا باندھنا Did Done
Outdo سبقت لے جانا Outdid Outdone
Dwell رہنا Dwelt Dwelt
Eat کھانا Ate Eaten
Fall گرنا Fell Fallen
Forget بھول جانا Forgot Forgotten
Get حاصل کرنا Got Got
Go جانا Went Gone
Undergo جھیلنایا مبتلا ہونا Underwent Undergone
Have رکھنا Had Had
Has رکھنا Had Had
Hear سننا Heard Heard
Overhear چپکےسےسننا Overheard Overheard
Hold پکڑنایامنعقدہونا Held Held
Behold دیکھنا Beheld Beheld
Withhold روکےرکھنا Withheld Withheld
Knit بُننا Knitted, knit Knitted, knit
Lay رکھنا،انڈہ دینا Laid Laid
Mislay کوئی چیز بےجگہ رکھنا یاکھودینا Mislaid Mislaid
Learn سیکھنا Learnt Learnt
Lie لمبالیٹناواقع ہونا Lay Lain
Light روشن کرنا Lit Lit
Load لادنا Loaded Loaded
Lose کھونایاہارنا lost Lost
Make بنانا Made Made
Melt پگھلنا Melted Melted
Pay اداکرنا Paid Paid
Rot گلنا سڑنا Rotted Rotted
Say کہنا Said Said
See دیکھنا Saw Seen
Shave مونڈنایااستراپھیرنا Shaved Shaved
Shear اون اُتارنا Sheared Sheared
Shine چمکنا Shone Shone
Shoe (کھوڑے کو)نعل چڑھانا Shod Shod
Shoot گولی مارنا Shot Shot
Slide پھسلنا Slid Slid


Spill بہانا Spilt Spilt
Stand کھڑےہونا Stood Stood
Understand سمجھنا Understood Understood
Withstand مقابلہ کرنا Withstood Withstood
Swell سوجنا Swelled Swelled
Tread چلنا Trod Trodden
Work کام کرنا Worked Worked