Importance of educational admiration with specific references to Pakistan: Educational admiration is an element that should be present at any level of education. Admiration must come in two ways to function well. Students must admire their teachers and teachers in return must admire their students. It would be an ideal situation. In addition if mutual admiration occurs, the educational system is admired too. However, it does not always happen this way.

Admiration is a positive feeling. It may appear under two circumstances: When a positive behavior proves to achieve positive results and when high qualities and abilities are perceived. If admiration appears, both teachers and students might feel the impulse to perform better at school because this emotion evokes positive reactions from each other.  It has been proved in several studies that students feel motivated when they can find teachers they admire and vice versa.

Importance of educational admiration with specific references to Pakistan:

Development of Education System

This situation may vary in different countries, depending of the development of education system. In highly developed countries mutual admiration between teachers and students happens frequently and the educational system flows easily. In developing countries the situation differs.  As a developing country, Pakistan is now one of those countries with an uneven educational system. This inequality occurs at different levels and admiration is not as developed as it should be. In this situation, the main responsibility is for the teachers. But teachers, in general, also need a support system to encourage them.

Teachers are the main agent of change and adaptation and they are the first frontier to achieve highest levels of tolerance and acceptation.  As they reach professional development, it will increase the admiration levels because they will perform their jobs in a better way. There is an interrelation between their good performance and the good performance of the whole system.

 mutual admiration occurs

Consequence of Low Performance of the Educational System

As a consequence of low performance of the educational system, which affects teachers, there is not demand enough demand from the general population to become a teacher.  Because of all this, there are various initiatives aimed to improve this lack of motivation. These initiatives acknowledge the importance of in the educational system. Some of them come from the government and some of them come from private sector along with participation of parents and members of the communities where students get their education.  Among some of the obstacles and challenges that are present to improve the educational system in Pakistan are the following:

  • Teachers’ Professional Development: Usually, teachers do not consider necessary to expand their knowledge and remain using the same class materials every year. Curriculums are not updated by the government and they do not feel the need to update their knowledge.
  • Learning culture: Usually, the innovation and new proposals to improve the educational system or their own subject are not allowed; therefore, there is not learning culture.
  • Teaching as a career: Most of the population considers it is not profitable to become a teacher. People do not get well paid and prefer to study medicine or any other traditional degree. People do not recognize the importance of being teacher.

In order to solve the above mentioned issues, some of the initiatives implemented are:

  • Increase the value of being a teacher: Despite the social and cultural belief that only accept the profession as something sacred; organizations are trying to update that concept by adding value to the profession.
  • Improve teaching techniques: By increasing the participation of the students; evaluate and feed back student frequently and organize class material in a more effective way.
  • Improving personal lifestyles of the teachers with better salaries.

With all the above it is possible to understand how admiration plays a major role in the development of the educational system, not only in Pakistan, but in many other countries too.