Education is most important for the progress of a country. But like all other institutions, educational institution is also not working well in our country. Here is also corruption like all other institutions. Knowledge based education system is very much necessary for our country. Students are getting bored of cram based education system. Most of them are becoming dumb. Those who are fond of seeking knowledge are crying against this education system. For example,

We don’t need grades

We need knowledge

If you can give

Then Stay here

Otherwise leave us …please

Education is most important for the progress of a country

It’s ironic and a bitter reality that Our teachers need grooming . How can a person perform his/her duty if he/she is incapable of doing that work. If he himself doesn’t have those attributes how he would be able to generate in others .

If he is weak in communication skills how he will transfer his knowledge to others .

Everyone is not a teacher so stop ruining this sacred profession . If an engineer doesn’t know how to run a machine relevant to his field we consider him a bad or a failed engineer same is the case with doctors and with other professions . Why we don’t say a single word against a bad teacher ? Why we as a students keep a lock on our mouths all the time and at the end of semester or a year we have nothing in the form of knowledge but a grade or marks which has nothing to do with knowledge in that particular subject .

communication skills how he will transfer his knowledge

If you want to clean this profession speak up , stop doing hypocrisy if you don’t or can’t respect a person by heart then why you create a drama of respect. Just because to get a good grade . OH MY GOD you are such a fool just for temporary comfort you are destroying your future with that you are also doing dishonesty and it shows weakness of your Eeman because it’s your obligation to point out wrong things in society otherwise you will never be able to correct them . And this system full of corrupt people will continue it’s journey as it is.

We as a nation can only flourish through education and good education or grooming is in the hands of teachers.

That’s why I always emphasize on quality of teachers which is only possible if we as students stand up against this pseudo system of teaching .

pseudo system of teaching

Why we have been tolerating all this nonsense for so many years I have seen many people who protested against injustice in many other fields why we never ever protested against this low quality education system? Why

Think if you can !

(Zainab Malik )