Homophones are words that sound alike, but have different spellings and different meanings.

Choose the correct word to complete each sentence and write it on the line.

1. Have you read the story about the tortoise and the _______________________?

(hair, hare)

2. _______________________ going to be freezing cold outside today.

(Its, It’s)

3. _______________________ your teacher this year?

(Who’s, Whose)

4. Can please you help me find _______________________ picture book?

(their, they’re)

5. There is a _______________________ in my left sock.

(hole, whole)

6. I won the basketball game _______________________ only four points.

(by, buy)

7. I would like _______________________ have a fresh oatmeal cookie.

(to, two)

8. Crystal _______________________ a prize in the sweepstakes.

(one, won)

9. Please make sure you _______________________ a coat when you go outside.

(wear, where)

10. _______________________ sister’s dance recital is tomorrow evening.

(You’re, Your)

Name: ____________________________



Synonyms are words that have almost the same meaning.

Synonyms for big: large, huge, gigantic

Circle the 2 synonyms for each set of words.

1. toasty         chilly            cool              comfortable

2. walk           crawl            stroll              run

3. argue         scare            confuse         frighten

4. bravery       honesty       courage         winner

5. cook           drink            eat                 munch

6. record         paint            draw               sketch

Write a synonym for each word.

7. thin _____________________           8. tiny _____________________

9. store _____________________        10. fall _____________________

11. see _____________________         12. friendly _____________________

13. tasty _____________________       14. silent _____________________

15. smelly _____________________    16. smile _____________________

17. think _____________________       18. break _____________________

Name: ____________________________


Antonyms are words that have opposite meanings.

examples: old—young long—short awake—alseep

Read each sentence. Write an antonym from the word box to replace the underlined word.

long         slow          warm          worst full

over         never        close          out float

old            messy      smallest     quiet

1. The best move I’ve ever seen is Lion King ______________

2. There is a crack in the wall under the window.           ______________

3. My bedroom is usually very clean. ______________

4. The meeting was too short.

5. The store will open at nine o’clock.                               _____________

6. Tim always finishes his homework right after school.   ______________

7. The cold weather will return next week.                        ______________

8. That is the biggest watermelon I’ve ever seen.             ______________

9. My uncle bought a new pickup truck.                            ______________

10. Come in and play with us.                                           ______________

11. If you drop a potato in water, it will sink.                     ______________

12. Uncle Jim has a fast boat.                                          ______________

13. Jennifer is a talkative person.                           ______________

14. The milk carton in the fridge is empty. ______________

Name: ____________________________


Statements tell you something. They end with a period. (.)

Questions ask something. They end with a question mark. (?)

Exclamations are sentences that show excitement. They end with an

exclamation point. (!)

Read each sentence. Circle the answer that shows the correct ending punctuation


1. What time is it a) ? b) . c) !

2. Please close the window a) . b) ! c) ?

3. My dad made a sandwich a) ! b) ? c) .

4. Kimberly is a wonderful singer a) . b) ! c) ?

5. Help a) ? b) . c) !

6. Where is my little dog a)! b) ? c) .

7. Bring me a pair of scissors a). b) ! c) ?

8. What is your lucky number a)? b) . c) !

9. Horray, we won the game a)! b) ? c) .

10. Are you having a good time a)? b) ! c) ?

11. Please help me wash the dishes a)? b) . c) !

12. The button popped off of your shirt a). b) ? c) !

13. Will it rain this week a)! b) . c) ?

Name: ____________________________



Apostrophes are a type of punctuation mark. There are a two

ways to use an apostrophe.

1. Contractions are a short way of writing two words. Use an

apostrophe ( ‘ ) to take the place of a missing letter or


is not isn’t he will he’ll

2. Add an apostrophe and an s (‘s) to a singular noun to

show ownership or belonging.

Sharon’s sandwich Tommy’s fish

Write the contraction for each pair of words.

1. has not _____________

2. are not _____________

3. we are _____________

4. he is _____________

5. I am_____________

6. you have _____________

7. she will _____________

8. we have _____________

9. I will _____________

10. they would _____________

Name: ___________________________________


Circle the preposition in each sentence..

1. Joseph was reading a book in the library.

2. The squirrel ran up the old oak tree.

3. Peter arrived before Kerry.

4. The red car zoomed past us.

5. There is a rabbit living beneath that bush.

6. Mark climbed onto the boat.

7. The horses are coming toward us

8. There was silence during the test.

9. My friends ran down to the beach.

10. Lillian was asleep during the meeting.

11. Taylor was hiding beneath the deck.

12. The store is just beyond the stop sign.

13. By midnight, we were all tired.

14. After dinner, we went to the movies.

15. Place your crayons on the desk.