Common Nouns and Proper Nouns: Write down the correct pronoun in the blank

1.  ___ walk to school every Monday. (I, me)

2.  ____ had a great party last night. (us, we)

3.  ____ went to the store an hour ago. (her, she)

4.  We should buy ____ a present. (he, him)

5.  Can you pass ___ that ball? (I, me)

6.  ___ Mom is a teacher. (she, her)

7.  ___ coat is very good. (yours, your)

8. ___I like ___ story. (him, his)

9.  ___ sister is 5 years old. (mine, my)

10. ___Our teacher told ___ the good news. (our, us)

Singular Pronouns words list


I me my mine
you your yours
he she it her
hers his its him


Plural Pronouns words list


we our us ours
you yours your
they them their theirs


Name: ___________________________________


Read each sentence. Choose the correct pronoun that can replace the underlined word(s) in each sentence.

1. Carol is writing a report on Thomas Edison.

a. Them c. It

b. Her    d. She

2. Dad rented a movie for my brother and me to watch tonight.

a. us         c. we

b. he         d. they

3. Miguel and his sister got a new puppy.

a. we       c. their

b. he       d. they

4. An ice cream truck drove down the street.

a. it         c. they

b. her     d. him

5. Do you want to go to the party with Hanna and Jamie?

a. her      c. we

b. they    d. them

Name: _______________________________________

Possessive Pronouns

Possessive pronouns are used to show that something or

someone belongs to someone else.

Example: Tim bought a new laptop computer.

The computer is his.

The possessive pronoun his is referring to a laptop computer that

belongs to Tim.

Use a possessive pronoun from the box below to complete each sentence.

Possessive pronouns include:

Mine, yours, his, hers, it’s, ours, theirs

1. I bought a new video game. It is _______________.

2. The jacket belongs to David. The jacket is _______________ .

3. The cats belong to Lisa and Sheila. The cats were _____________

4. Their telephone number belongs to Betsy. It is _____________.

5. You and I live in this house. The house is _____________.

6. My dog is bigger than your dog. The larger dog is _____________.

7. You go to Maple School. The school is _____________ .

8. Ted’s baseball is over here. The baseball is _____________.

9. That skateboard belongs to Jan. The skateboard is _____________.

10. You want the last slice of pizza. The last slice is _____________.

11. Mom and dad’s car is in the driveway. The car in the driveway is _____________.

12. My brother and I bought tickets. The tickets are _____________.

Name: _______________________________

These, Those, This, and That

These and those are plural words. They refer to more than one


Example: These flowers are pretty.

The word these refers to more than one flower.

This and that are singular words. They refer to only one thing.

example: That plant needs water.

The word that refers to only one plant.

Directions: Choose one of the words in parenthesis ( ) to complete each sentence.

Write the correct word on the line.

1.) __________ watch on my wrist says it is noon. (These, This)

2.) ___________ cat across the street has a striped tail. (That, Those)

3.) Whose skates are ______________ by the stairs? (this, those)

4.) I don’t know why I’m wearing my hair _____________way. (this, those)

5.) Did you eat ___________ cookies on the table? (those, that)

6.) ___________ tests on my desk don’t have names on them. (these, this)

7.) Remember ____________ movie we watched yesterday? (that, those)

8.) _______________ trees are going to grow very tall. (These, This)

9.) ___________ storm we had last night kept me awake. (Those, That)

10.) Did you buy _____________ grapes at the market? (that, those)

11.) Ask _________ policeman for directions. (that, those)

12.) How many of ____________ napkins here do you need? (these, this)


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