This is very interesting tutorial with animated video describing some features of evolution. The scene is something like a classroom where lecturer is delivering lecture to his students. Today in this tutorial we are going to prove that evolution is after all impossible. A large number of organisms make the scientist complex in thinking.

They could not have involved in low organism. It is quite amazing to know that every single species have some binary codes for the transformation of data. These codes are in the form of “0” and “1” codes which are called bits. Evolution is of four different mechanisms. Among them, natural selection is a process in which there is discrepancy continued existence and replica of units that vary in one or more innate characters.

Genetic drift, mutation and gene flow are the secondary mechanisms. Evolution takes place in the consequence of transforming in genetic characters. There are some popular characteristics in human being e.g. eye color and hair color. Evolution is applied is now a day in Biology and its branches. Charles Darwin has done marvelous job in the history of evolution. You maybe familiar with this term if you are studying in Matriculation level. There is a video linked with this tutorial describing same concept of evolution.