”What is necessary ‘for the very existence of science’, and what the characteristics of nature are, are not to be determined by pompous preconditions, they are determined always by the material with which we work, by nature herself. We look, and we see what we find, and we cannot say ahead of time successfully what it is going to look like.

The most reasonable possibilities often turn out not to be the situation. If science is to progress, what we need is the ability to experiment, honesty in reporting results — the results must be reported without somebody saying what they would like the results to have been — and finally — an important thing — the intelligence to interpret the results. An important point about this intelligence is that it should not be sure ahead of time what must be.”

Richard Feynman..

What is necessary ‘for the very existence of science

Mostly scientist are willing to design intelligent hypothesis based on the existing knowledge. Given the scenario that most science (SPECIALLY BIOLOGY) is non -linear system, nature wants it on that way. Trying to put theory into practice sometime does not match, which makes things diverse and need to think outside box.