Anticipation is Essence of Life –  I never spoke that mind will be changed without the alteration of genes. You are absolutely right. I am not going to criticize anything, in your post. I just say that may be nature will change the mind (of course through the physiological process of evolution) and the human will be come out of the anxiety; I hope that it will be.

And the reason of my hope is that I saw during the study of evolution, things often become better fit to the environment after evolution of their bodies. My friends are hopeless, here; they think that in every situation our decline has been written on the wall of destiny. On the other hand I hope that a good future will definitely come and that will be the day of heaven on our earth. I hope that the evolution of human body will be continued and as the result of that evolution, we’ll get rid of our all anxieties.

Someone can ask that why,

I am so hopeful, I answer that, we, human are wiser than our past. Apart from the wars that are going on our planet I can imagine the time, when all human will live together and they will cooperate each other in every matter.

Actually there are always two aspects to see a thing. One is positive and the other is negative. The materialistic thought of evolution shows us the dark aspect. We forget that a goat has a lot of anticipation for food or lust, and anticipation is essence of life. Anticipation prepares a living body to face the hardship of life. Suspense is the motive towards new phases of evolution. It is all right that mutation doesn’t care about suspense or anticipation and genes are changed in a mutant by chance. But who can say that external environment does not involves in this process.

Is it clear to science that external environment of the body never involves during the process of mutation. It is still under investigation that how mutation occurs in a body. And yet this question is not completely solved. I look throughout the process of evolution and see a thing is common always, and that is suspense. I think suspense or anticipation leads a living body towards the risks and risks make him more complete than before.

When I close my eyes to imagine the future
I see
Population has been put down roots from Earth to Arcturus
Programmers are writing Organic scripts
The scripts of human DNA
The passengers of “Orion” has come back
with the tales of gods
Machines are in museums
Hospitals are just for the renovation
Clones have no fathers, no sons

The Death has been subjugated

I may conceive Girasas Kingdom

Brendatucker wrote: many people do not conceive of a necessary kingdom for the human “ascent.”


Agreed!! Hundred percent. But I name it 4th dimension. Please point out what kind of deeds can lead someone to the seventh kingdom? I wish you answer to me “LOVE”.