TV production is a process that quite similar to the movie production. The TV production is performed in television studio and we shall show you how to accomplish TV production as whole. Any program of TV goes through different stages and at last it comes to us in video tape format.

We shall try to study all steps of production here. When production is on it way or in construction stage then it can be completed with post production. Post production is that stage where you can improve the quality and manage its deficiency.

TV Studio and Movie Studio

TV studio has similar look as movie studio but only few equipment differentiate among them. The TV studio is adorned with completely necessities of life. There are rooms which are in contact with Intercom. The studio floor allows you to use it for recording. The perfect studio floor should have such qualities.


(Decoration) first and foremost priority for the best recording and scene background.

(Professional video camera) with pedestal which can be easily moved around.

(Microphone) for audio and dialogue delivery

(Stage lighting) connected with controlling equipment.

(Production control room) help you to give feedback

Besides these characteristics, there is window between control room and studio floor where this window is used for visual communication.

The Television production always wanted to show new talent or faces for their shows. Therefore new talents are interviewed daily. The studio needs an individual or committee to hold management, therefore floor manager is hired to meet the requirement. The control room is overseen with two or more camera operators.

The overall control is managed with Master control room which is too noisy for its production process. A general question that comes in everyone’s mind, “how to program broadcast live”? The answer is very simple but the process is too lengthy, when the signals go from PCR to MCR and then pass out to transmitter, we get TV program.