Movie Review

Original production studio Motion Theory has just released a cinematic fully-animated scheme to help Target launch its fresh addition of fresh grocery departments in scores of stores. “ A Better Bulls eye ” airs Sunday, July 27.

aim approached Motion Theory with the objective of creating a dynamic, engaging animated world that embodied cooperation and captured audiences with the personality and method of a feature-length animated feature — all while echoing the welcoming, stylish surprises of the Target brand.

The piece opens with a monumental Target bull’s eye opening at the touch of a button — casting a shadow across the landscape and introducing a crew of quirky little personnel standing alongside their machines, staring in awe as we see what’s inside the bull’s eye for the first time.

The crews of characters immediately start working jointly in clever ways to get the enormous bull’s-eye stocked with freshness. Countless different fruits and vegetables are carted in via every one sort of familiar-looking items built into strange machines.


The tempo of the tale bursts into activity as our camera glides through the action, highlighting remarkable clockwork competence within what would otherwise come into view to be absolute chaos. We explore the team spirit and personality in cinematic fashion, touching from vertigo-inducing high angles and sweeping helicopter shots that look downward at the ant-sized workers below, to ground-level angles that show off the huge mass towering over us.

The animated team members look like the work of Santa’s elves,

Illustrating output and team-work on a breathtaking scale. Whether they are riding zippy motorized three-wheeled vehicles, by combination wheelbarrow-catapults or bike-powered conveyor belts, or even scale the bulls-eye on Mission Impossible-style harnesses, the team is simply satisfied when each small nook and cranny in the bulls-eye is jam-packed with all fresh.

The exterior isn’t ignored either, as we end with a loud squeal of a squeegee making the bulls-eye shine. After every one that work, the whole army of workers disappears rear to where they come from, leaving us with the original happy, clean, fun Target bulls-eye, but now with a million more fun things inside.


Motion guess Director Chris Roehl led the in-house group of animators and artists through an extremely condensed production schedule that mirrored the character and story development of a great deal larger CG animated film. The goal from the start was to create human and naturalistic characters with the depth to support a huge variety of stories. The characters were everyone developed as in-house originals at Motion Theory, which too makes a range of Target-branded utilitarian uniform and ingenious gadgets. Riehl’s vision was to create an attractive and detailed story, providing viewers with latest experiences and discoveries even after a lot of views.

“Partnering with Target and having the opportunity to make a completely new animated world with unique characters and storyline content was an exciting and fulfilling process for the whole team from the extremely start. The team and I explored every possible detail you see from the memorable cast of characters to the host of strangely specific heavy machinery and vehicles which we hope comes through when watching the spot,” says the director.

Danny Zobrist, the project’s CG/Animation Supervisor and Character Lead, explains, “Although the time constraints were intimidating, the team jumped at the chance to make a group of characters that appear to have a life of their own and a world of method and personality. There was a lot of love put into every of these characters and that’s what make the spot shine.”